Bringing Decentralized RPC Service to Scroll’s Testnet

Decentralized RPC service for Scroll

Scroll’s Testnet is another addition to our roster of supported chains!

Scroll is a zkEVM-based zkRollup on Ethereum, enabling native compatibility for existing Ethereum applications and tools. Bringing support to another promising zkEVM-based solution is part of our commitment to providing the critical infrastructure that’s needed for continued innovation within growing crypto ecosystems.

The combo of Portal and Pocket Network are poised to unlock new opportunities for Scroll, its developer ecosystem, and the broader Ethereum community.

Why we’re excited about Scroll

Scroll brings a native zkEVM scaling solution for Ethereum, enhancing the performance and scalability of Ethereum by processing transactions off-chain and posting proofs of correctness on-chain. This approach enables Ethereum to handle more users and transactions simultaneously, making it faster and more efficient. As a result, dApps built on Ethereum, including DeFi, NFTs, gaming, social networks, and more, can significantly benefit from leveraging Scroll’s native zkEVM solution.

We’re excited to help Scroll and its growing developer community benefit from low-latency, high-performance, and geographically redundant access to RPC service, decentralized across node operators all over the world. By leveraging Portal’s RPC service, Scroll will be able to deliver its native zkEVM solution even more effectively to a wide range of applications, further solidifying its position as a key player in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Meanwhile, for Portal and Pocket Network, bringing support to Scroll’s Testnet will introduce our decentralized RPC service to new users. We’re excited about expanding our reach and influence in this important growth phase of Scroll’s ecosystem.

As reliable, decentralized RPC service comes to Scroll’s Testnet, we’re excited to watch what Scroll’s developer community builds, and to see native zkEVM play a growing role in the broader crypto landscape!

Here’s how to get started with a private Scroll endpoint of your own 👇

Table of Contents

Mint Your Own Decentralized Scroll RPC Endpoint

Getting set up with your own private endpoint is easy. Just head over to the Portal and:

🟢 Sign up for an account

🟢 Create a new application

🟢 Use our Always Free tier to test the waters with free daily relays

🟢 Add your own private endpoints for Scroll or any of Pocket’s dozens of supported chains

🟢 Let the data relays begin!

You’re now set up with decentralized and reliable infrastructure to power your project – and the whole process just takes a couple of minutes, so you can focus on shipping.

Check Out the Quickstart Guide on Building with Pocket

Now that you’ve got your own endpoint, it’s time to put it to use.

Your Portal URL is designed to work directly in the popular frameworks and libraries that you’ll need to interact with. Our Quickstart Guide for building with Pocket will get you rolling.

🟢Build an interface to applications. See how to use your Pocket endpoint with popular libraries.

🟢Access live chains in your development environment. Learn how to leverage your endpoint in different smart contract environments.

🟢Access blockchain data directly. Learn how to use your Pocket endpoint to interact with underlying blockchain APIs directly in your browser.

Use the Pocket API Docs to Level Up

You’ve got your Scroll RPC endpoint…you’ve got the crash course…now it’s time to really dig in.

The Pocket API Docs break down all the different requests you can make using your endpoint, and give interactive samples of proper requests and successful responses.

Plus, the Pocket API Docs bring a couple more handy extra functionalities:

🟢Choose between nearly 20 different languages to see request samples in, from JavaScript and Python to Ruby and Swift, and everything in between.

🟢Send API requests directly through the browser, using your Portal ID

Meet the Community and Ask Away

Once you’ve got yourself acquainted make sure to hop in our Discord, ask any questions you may have, and listen in on our regular community calls.

The Portal community is full of helpful builders that will help you make the most of decentralized infrastructure.

We’re thrilled about Scroll support going live in the Portal, and for the benefits that decentralized RPC service will bring for the chain’s ecosystem!