Figment Network becomes infrastructure partner to provide reliable connectivity for DPoS Ecosystems

Pocket has yet another connection joining its Infrastructure partnership: Welcome, Figment Network!

We are thrilled to have yet another competent provider in our midst which aids in lowering barriers to the meaningful and functional use of crypto-economic networks. Figment provides staking-as-a-service with exemplary handling of hardware and compliance aspects related to block-production for delegated proof-of-stake blockchains.

Following the release of Monster Chase (the first-ever DApp to boast complete decentralization from mobile device to blockchain), Pocket shows no signs of slowing down. This month also sees a partnership with a grant from the TEZOs foundation, whom Figment already provides staking and custody services for TEZOs bakers. Figment covers the hardware while Pocket decentralizes the ecosystem in an elegant distribution of tasks.

In addition to their service to TEZOs, Figment provides staking for a number of platforms, and will other, like AION, coming soon. Already well familiar with the high potential utility and economic value of decentralized ecosystems, Figment has chosen to expand its network and strengthen those core competencies. With Pocket now able to service the TEZOs network with decentralized infrastructure, Figment was able to recognize and value the revenue which could be generated in tandem and graciously accepted the role of Infrastructure Partner.

To coincide with the recent release, Figment is capitalizing on the upcoming Pocket airdrop to all of the Infrastructure Partners who join during this phase. With Mainnet slated for 2020, the next stage of utility is just around the corner, which will see Figment running a Pocket node and the two projects collaborating on a P-Rep proposal for ICON. The likes of this kind of partnership will be used to scale horizontally across other blockchain projects with similar ecosystem models. The stage is being set now for the exciting times ahead!

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