From Trusted to Trustless: Pocket Core MVP transition to Testnet — Pocket Network

The Pocket team is incredibly proud that Pocket Core MVP has successfully been deployed. This milestone is the beginning of a brand new chapter for the Pocket Core team, partners, and community- to iterate upon MVP’s functionality for test network, and main network releases.

Pocket Core MVP is demonstrating end-to-end blockchain relays from client-side requests, through a “trusted” Dispatch Node, to a distributed network of whitelisted Service Nodes. From here, Pocket is working to ensure that the transition from the current “trusted” network design to an ideal “trustless” network state is as smooth and effective as possible.

Security is at the forefront of this design decision. By establishing a stable foundation for the Pocket network: accurate data collection, testing, and development can occur to achieve a decentralized network of blockchain nodes. Here’s an overview of the difference between “trusted” and “trustless” network states for Pocket.


  • Security, and oversight. Minimum Viable Pocket is the first production-level prototype for Pocket Network and it is mission critical to take methodical steps forward as we build game-changing infrastructural technology.
  • The permission-based environment requires accountability from every MVP participant which deters malicious actors. This significantly enhances the Core team’s ability to roll out a safe and productive Pocket.
  • Every MVP participant oversees what occurs on the network. This supports quicker identification of areas for improvement, and remediation of any critical bugs.


  • Participants no longer need to trust a central dispatch entity.
  • Distribution of nodes means minimized points of failure, the network is resilient enough to withstand nodes going offline, without any denial of service for client-side requests.
  • Opportunity for market forces and organization to sustain the network as opposed to centrally enforced operations.

Long term Implications

Pocket solves a critical infrastructural issue that persists in the blockchain space today. There are not enough full nodes out there to support the growth of end-user blockchain usage. Centralized node services may only serve one blockchain, and unfortunately, represent a single point of failure. The value of a “trustless” network is significant. Developers and blockchain nodes can connect dynamically, and operate in harmony, with economic incentives for sustainable node growth. The goal of increasing full node count is a key driver for Pocket’s economic research and development.

Deploying Pocket Core in a “trusted” network state is a necessity for the process. Early adopters will shape the transition from “trusted” to “trustless” and be first in line to realize the flexibility and benefits from both the client-side, and node operations side.

Learn more about the Pocket Core MVP.

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