Pocket Network CEO Michael O’Rourke Wishes China Community Happy New Year

Pocket Network, CEO Michael O’Rourke “To all our new and existing Pocket supporters particularly in China we would like to wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Lunar New Year with lots of Luck and thank each of you for being part of Pocket’s journey which is just getting started!”

Pocket Network, which has been called the ‘AWS of Web3” and more recently the “TCP/IP of Web3 Node Infrastructure” by Token Insight incentivizes a global community of independent node operators and service providers now running 24,000+ full nodes handling who have been paid over $191+ million over the last 90 days from Pocket’s total protocol revenue of $220+ million for the same period.

As an industry first mover in offering a full-node incentive based protocol, Pocket Network meaningfully encourages and incentivizes niche cloud providers around the world which commercially have been less viable over the last decade with massively well- known incumbents dominating the traditional market, and aims to provide Web3 with a much more compatible infrastructure network.