How Pocket is Powering Polygon’s Push Into Mainstream Adoption

Polygon is building a comprehensive product suite in order for crypto to cross the chasm into mainstream appeal. From leveraging the power of Ethereum to establishing key integrations in both the physical and online worlds, Polygon has become one of the top crypto projects with real adoption. Pocket has been supporting its growth since 2021, decentralizing its node infrastructure with a powerful yet flexible approach.

Discover more about Polygon’s future and how Pocket is backing it.

Polygon: The Layer 2 Solution to Boost Ethereum

Polygon developed a solution that incorporates all the benefits and innovations from Ethereum and gives it extra power, reliability, cost efficiency, ease of use, and security.

Polygon’s Proof-of-Stake (PoS) sidechain is compatible with Ethereum, enabling developers to build decentralized apps with ease, high reliability, low environmental impact, and fewer costs.

A main goal of Polygon is to improve Ethereum scalability, since its previous consensus model, Proof-of-Work, undermined its transaction output and caused higher gas fees and energy consumption.

Polygon’s unique advantages for developers and users led to its immense growth in a short time, crossing 1.8 billion transactions, over 135 million addresses, and more than $140M saved each day on gas fees.

Polygon is Turning Crypto’s Mainstream Adoption Hopes Into Reality

Polygon is one of the few projects in crypto that effectively partners and integrates with the leading brands worldwide to introduce crypto to the general population.

Recently, Instagram started to support NFTs, and Polygon was the chosen crypto solution to bring this initiative to reality.

Before partnering with Instagram, Polygon already had collaborations with some of the most popular brands in the world, Adidas and Prada, to support the launch of NFT collections.

On the payments side, Polygon’s partnership with the leading solution, Stripe, is putting crypto in front of millions of people as an efficient and attractive payment option for their work, especially for creators.

A Top 5 Network in the DeFi Revolution

Polygon is backing the development of the decentralized landscape while establishing key partnerships with leading Web2 platforms to enable even more adoption.

According to DeFi Llama, Polygon currently supports over $1.17 billion in Total Value Locked (TVL)  across 300+ protocols. At its peak, Polygon held nearly $10 billion in Total Value Locked.

With the current TVL figures, Polygon is the 5th largest chain supporting DeFi and the 3rd largest in terms of the number of protocols it supports.

According to Polygon, the ecosystem powers over 37,000 decentralized applications across many verticals, from DeFi to gaming, CEXs, DAOs, and NFTs. If you want to build on Polygon and scale your DApp, learn more about the Polygon PoS.

Pocket Has Been Supporting Polygon Since 2021

Pocket Network has been supporting Polygon’s growth since the summer of 2021.

Polygon partnered with Pocket in line with its mantra of high scalability and low costs for applications. Accessing Polygon data with Pocket can reduce the infrastructure costs of applications while offering high security, robustness, and maximum uptime.

Polygon has consistently been a top chain in the Pocket ecosystem as more and more apps rely on its data to scale and improve services.

In October, Polygon hit a daily high for RPC calls, crossing 460 million relays per day in a week when relay requests for Polygon grew by over 20%. Polygon’s growth led Pocket to reach a weekly record of its own, servicing 8.9 billion relays.

Using Pocket to Build on Polygon

Pocket Network is on a mission to constantly improve its quality of service while expanding the number of supported blockchains in its ecosystem.

Beyond supporting Polygon, Pocket provides decentralized node infrastructure for dozens of other key blockchains enabling the DeFi and Web3 revolution, from nascent ones like Moonbeam to established projects like Ethereum, Fantom, or Avalanche.

If you’re an application developer wanting to build decentralized apps with Polygon, you can tap into Pocket Network with a few clicks and start accessing the data you need in a simple way.

Through the freshly improved Pocket Portal, you can link up your dApp in a few steps and access the global and fully decentralized infrastructure of 26K+ nodes. Check out this video with the steps on how to do it.

You can start today with the free tier, receiving throughput for up to 250,000 daily relays, and boost the initial adoption of your application without worrying about excessive DevOps costs.

If you’re a fully-fledged project needing extra throughput to reach more users, you can take advantage of the newly launched “Pay As You Go” tier. PAYG offers cost-effective relays that match your dApp’s actual traffic demands, instead of locking you into paying for more throughput than you may actually need.

Decentralize your critical dApp infrastructure and start receiving blockchain data with maximum uptime, low costs, high reliability, and security with Pocket.