ICON P-Rep Update

Although this month’s update is not too substantial, we would like to keep the frequency of our posts up in order to keep the ICON community in the loop on our progress.

P-Rep Status.

The Pocket/Figment P-Rep node has maintained a highly productive and reliable node ever since the initial network issue out of our control (highlighted in the last P-Rep update) with node productivity now at 97.66%.

Our node is sitting at 28 on the P-Rep list, with currently 34 total P-Reps active at the time of this post.

Although less vocal, we have also been actively monitoring discussions on the ICON community and P-Rep channels, gauging the sentiment of new proposals as well as certain frustration points within the community such as Vote Concentration, Voter Apathy, and Developer Tooling and are keen to hear from the community solutions on these and other matters.

Development Update.

ICON SDK integrations for iOS, Android and JS will begin at the new year and are set to be submitted for review February 2020.

Alongside these integrations, we will be creating developer education materials for DApp developers to connect to decentralized ICON infrastructure. These materials will be published within Pocket’s developer portal, but can be used freely by any community member.

The ICON dedicated landing page for pokt.network is well underway, which will be used as a portal for the ICON-DI initiative to onboard and incentivize ICON node operators to continue to support ICON’s decentralization.

Bonus: We are currently speaking with an application within ICON ecosystem to support a trial run of Pocket Networks integration, this will help provide a use case of pockets coordination layer, as well as immediately provide throughput to help stimulate the ICON-DI incentivization.

Look forward to more detailed updates from the team as we get closer to our development milestones.

You can find information on the Pocket/Figment P-Rep Node here. https://tracker.icon.foundation/address/hxe886f81684bbecddd69a608093fb88624c94d20a