Lightstreams Network partners with Pocket. Giving access to decentralized node infrastructure.

This past March, Lighstreams Network has officially launched its Mainnet, and it is truly a solid platform.

Today we are happy to announce, that Pocket and Lightstreams have teamed up to ensure that developers can utilize Pocket Network for interfacing with the decentralized node infrastructure of Lightstreams without the worry of maintaining their own nodes.

The idea for Lighstreams was conceived at a Consensys NYC hackathon, where they took first place for demonstrated a permissioned blockchain proof-of-concept that would later become the Lightstreams Network.

Two of our favorite aspects of the Lightstreams stack are the SmartVault system and their approach to Radical Governance.

SmartVault is a decentralized storage solution that is capable of erasing sent data temporarily or permanently. They do this by implementing a smart contract permissions system for control over which nodes are able to receive the data. A user can determine an expiration time for data sent to an approved node, then once sent, that data is cached within the node for the allotted time, and removed from the cache automatically after that time has expired.

The Lightstreams radical governance model for protocol governance is an interesting formula that derives voting power from verifiable identities of account owners, and a quadradic weight to coins held within that account, leading to something fairer then strictly “More Tokens = More Power”.

These are just two reasons why we are excited to have partnered with the Lightstreams team to add another layer of decentralization to the stack. To learn more about the Lightstreams platform and governance, read their whitepaper.

Pocket Network and Lightstreams will first start by offering a Web3 Provider for developers to easily use for connecting to the Lightstreams Network. Pocket Network will then distribute the requests made from Lightstream Apps(such as the soon to be launched ) across a decentralized network of nodes, in a way that ensures resilience, censorship resistance, and sustainability as they grow in popularity.

Lightstreams nodes contributing to the Pocket Network, before and at Pocket Main net, will be eligible to receive rewards directly via the POKT token, which functions to further decentralize the infrastructure underlying this promising platform.

The documentation is available today for developers to excited to see how these platforms perform together.

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P.S The Lightstreams PHT token is now available for users of all kind and they are actively working on a Block Producer governance model, taking inspiration from the likes of Cosmos and other notable chains. To stay up to date on Lightstreams activity as they progressively ramp things up, we recommend you follow their blog on Medium.