Pocket Core RC-0.4.2 Protocol Update

We are pleased to announce our first surprise release for our protocol update Pocket Core RC-0.4.2!

So what makes it a surprise? We want to see how the network will respond during critical events like:

  • Emergency patches
  • Network crashes
  • And any other crisis scenarios that may happen in the future!

By doing so, this will help us get an idea on what to expect during a crisis and how we can prepare for any events. For example, this protocol update happened in the middle of the Best Node Service Competition to encourage node operators to have their setups up to date.


This release is loaded with a lot of improvements and enhancements to the existing protocol. It makes it even easier than ever to set up a full Pocket Node and become a validator on the Pocket Network.

The full changelog can be found here, but some of the important features and improvements are:

  • Default Fees switched to be .01 POKT or 10,000 uPOKT for certain operations(e.g: SendClaim & SendProof) that are automatic.
  • Added memo argument to the send-tx CLI command, so now you can add notes when sending a TX.
  • Fixed the simulate relay flag. Now, you can test your node to make sure it can send relays before staking it on the network.
  • And more!

Docker and Homebrew deployments:

Docker and Homebrew deployments have gone through an update to ensure every container and installation will be pointing at the correct network for RC-0.4.2.


When Pocket upgrades to RC-0.4.2, we recommend updating your node to this latest version in order to take advantage of the new release. Follow these network reset instructions to learn how!

As we continue to increase the stability and reliability of the Pocket protocol, we will be keeping you up to date with the latest information on our Discord, Twitter, and Newsletter.

If you haven’t heard yet, this week we are hosting a “Best Nodes” competition for node operators that can run Pocket Full nodes 24/7 to support our native applications. The top 3 winners will receive POKT tokens post-mainnet. So hurry up and spin up a full pocket node to participate in this competition before it’s too late!