Pocket Network Brings Decentralized RPC Service to Arbitrum One

Pocket Network now supports Arbitrum One.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Pocket Network is bringing its decentralized RPC service to Arbitrum One!

Arbitrum One is among the most popular and cutting-edge Layer 2 scaling solutions for Ethereum. This integration is another step in our mission to provide decentralized, resilient, and performance-optimized RPC infrastructure across a variety of types of supported blockchains.

Unstoppable RPC Service for Arbitrum One and Layer 2

Developers and applications from the Arbitrum One ecosystem can now set up a Pocket Network endpoint in minutes. By doing so, they can take advantage of our decentralized network of nodes to service their RPC traffic with maximum uptime and low latency

For our node runners out there, you can now serve RPC requests to Arbitrum One (arbitrum-one (0066)) and earn POKT! As always, do not add the RelayChainID to your node stake until you’ve ensured your nodes are working correctly.

As we kick off this integration, we are incredibly excited about adding Arbitrum One into the ecosystem of blockchains supported by Pocket. For starters, Arbitrum One has a thriving ecosystem and game-changing potential for the scalability of the Ethereum ecosystem. Even beyond that, though, Arbitrum One’s focus on “avoidance of introducing any centralization or trust assumptions” is a vision that rings especially true with ours. This makes us even more proud to bring our decentralized RPC support to the ecosystem.

This is another big step forward in Pocket’s mission to provide unstoppable infrastructure for the Web3 solutions shaping the future. This includes Layer 2 solutions in particular. In addition to Arbitrum One, Pocket is already supporting a variety of other Layer 2 and sidechain solutions. These include Gnosis Chain, Polygon, BSC, Optimism, FUSE, Boba, OEC, Metis, StarkNet, and more.

This integration brings another avenue for Pocket to provide robust, decentralized infrastructure for Ethereum-based dApps. Anyone building on Arbitrum One can enjoy the benefits of increased resiliency, scalability, and performance that Pocket’s tens of thousands of globally distributed nodes bring to the table. 

Arbitrum One Brings Permissionless Rollups and Full Functionality

For the uninitiated, Arbitrum is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. It uses a combination of off-chain computation and on-chain enforcement to increase the scalability and performance of Ethereum-based dApps. More specifically, Arbitrum One is the first permissionless Ethereum Layer 2 rollup with full Ethereum smart contract functionality. 

By relying on Arbitrum Rollup (an Optimistic rollup protocol with Ethereum-level security), Arbitrum One processes transactions faster and at a lower cost. This is done while still maintaining the security guarantees of the Ethereum mainchain. In other words, this allows for a reduction in congestion on the Ethereum mainchain, while still allowing dApps to take advantage of the mainchain’s security. Plus, Arbitrum One is fully compatible with Ethereum’s existing ecosystem. This makes it easy for developers to build and deploy their dApps on the network. 

Arbitrum Thriving Across Different Metrics

These benefits of rollups have caught developers’ and users’ attention. As reported by Cointelegraph and others, Arbitrum and Optimism recently flipped Ethereum in combined transaction volume. This came by way of 1.12 million transactions between the two on January 10th. Arbitrum One is also the Layer 2 market leader when it comes to total value locked. The chain is clocking in at nearly $2.6 billion TVL and a 52% share of the L2 market.

Additionally, Arbitrum’s number of Unique Active Wallets has been trending up on huge applications like Uniswap (90,000 UAW on Arbitrum) and OpenSea (30,000 UAW on Arbitrum, up 50% over previous months). This further showcases the strength of the Arbitrum ecosystem even in this difficult market.

It’s stats like these that make us so excited about bringing Arbitrum One into the Pocket Network ecosystem. We’re proud to help further decentralize the Arbitrum ecosystem as it takes on a growing role in Web3. 

In addition to Arbitrum One, Arbitrum has another chain on Ethereum mainnet: Arbitrum Nova. Nova is an “Arbitrum AnyTrust” chain (rather than Arbitrum Rollup). This means it doesn’t have the same decentralization, trustlessness, and permissionless security guarantees of a Rollup chain like Arbitrum One. The trade-off is that an AnyTrust chain like Nova can offer even lower fees than Arbitrum One. Nova and any future Arbitrum AnyTrust chains can be great complementary solutions to more decentralization-focused chains like Arbitrum One. While today’s RPC support is for Arbitrum One, we’ll be keeping a close eye on Nova and others as they evolve!

Get a Pocket-Powered RPC Endpoint For Arbitrum One Today

We’re excited to see the projects and dApps that will continue to be built on Arbitrum One. We invite developers from the Arbitrum One ecosystem to get set up with a Pocket Network endpoint and start building with decentralization at the core of their dApps!