Highlights from GoodDollar’s AMA with Pocket Network

In case you missed it, Pocket Network recently joined in on an AMA with our friends (and users of Pocket Network’s infrastructure) GoodDollar.

Pat Pedrosa, GoodDollar Product Lead, joined Valeria Benitez Florez, Pocket Network Co-Founder and Design Lead, to discuss some of the similarities and synergies between the two projects, and how each is uniquely driving the Web3 space forward.

Here are some quick highlights and interesting quotes from the discussion. You can also check out the full recording here!

GoodDollar is Passionate About Reducing Inequality

  • GoodDollar is a protocol and a DAO that aims to reduce world inequality by distributing free cryptocurrency as a form of universal basic income (UBI).
  • GoodDollar is closing in on an impressive milestone – half a million UBI claimers.
  • GoodDollar’s #CryptoForHer campaign is enabling donations that directly benefit women and girls.

“GoodDollar’s community is full of revolutionary people that want to build a better world.”

  • GoodDollar also has a higher level goal of onboarding new users to Web3. This is possible because anyone can claim G$ – one of the aspects that makes GoodDollar unique. Even those that have never interacted with a Web3 wallet or owned cryptocurrency will find the claiming process straightforward.

“If our goal is to redistribute wealth, if we want to build better economies, we need to solve the problem of distribution.”

  • GoodDollar has a robust community, with members in 183 territories across the world. The project also features an ambassador program for those looking to get more involved.

“People are realizing the power of what we are building to actually make real change in the world.”

Pocket and GoodDollar are Aligned on Making Web3 Accessible For All

Throughout the AMA, several specific points arose that showcased why Pocket and GoodDollar make so much sense as a partnership, and why GoodDollar has chosen Pocket Network to support its infrastructure needs. This is one of our favorite aspects about partnering with new DApps and chains – discovering the similarities in the principles and goals that are driving our solutions forward.

  • Pocket and GoodDollar both have goals to make Web3 more simple, streamlined, and accessible. Pocket accomplishes this with easy-to-use developer UI/UX in the Pocket Portal (where devs can get set up with endpoints for multiple chains in just a few clicks), while GoodDollar tackles this goal through distribution of free crypto to anyone and everyone (again, with a simple and streamlined process).
  • Both projects feel that an easier entry point for users enables a greater potential for change.

“Partners like Pocket Network make all of these Web3 complications simple for everyone.”

  • We can see some tie-in’s between Pocket’s incentivizing of community contributions (through POKT rewards) and GoodDollar’s equitable distribution of income (through UBI).
  • Valeria highlighted Pocket’s unique position as a coordinator, rather than relying on an ownership/extraction model.
  • Valeria also discussed Pocket’s ongoing work to give more strength, coordination, and voice to the Pocket DAO members.

“One magical thing about Web3 is we are really making the access to information more democratic.”

Again, make sure to check out the full recording if you missed it live!