Pocket Network News | OCTOBER 2021

Hi there Pocket community! We hope you’re ready for this month’s newsletter, as October was like no other month the Pocket Network experienced before.

For the first time ever, Pocket Network broke the 1 Billion relay mark for a single month.

But, then we just kept growing.

For the month of October, Pocket Network has served 1,761,414,010 relays and 8000+ Nodes live on the network.

Welcome to the future, welcome to decentralized infrastructure.

📰 News

Pocket Network Decentralizes Harmony’s RPC Traffic

Earlier this month, we welcomed Harmony to the Pocket Network (Harmony Shard 0).

This means that Pocket node runners now serve traffic from the Harmony ecosystem, and are rewarded by doing so. Currently, the Harmony network does approximately 100 million API calls daily and now dApps can use our Pocket endpoint to migrate their traffic to our decentralized solution.

We thank the Harmony team for their warm welcome:

The Pocket Network immediately saw great traffic numbers after supporting Harmony, Harmony is driving 2-4x more traffic than any other blockchain!

Harmony also experienced a large increase in usage across their apps, which lead to RPC congestion with their public endpoints, so boom Pocket Network came in to support even more.

We hope to model the trust friendships and relationships we have cemented within that community across all of the space as it grows to mainstream.

Pocket Network officially integrates Solana!

Besides Harmony, Pocket Network now also supports Solana! Out of Pocket Network’s globally-distributed network of nearly 7000 nodes, over 3000 node runners have already been serving Solana RPC requests since the beta testing began in early September.

Solana counts over 400 DeFi projects, various games, and many other types of projects. All who can now enjoy a decentralized infrastructure solution. We look forward to connecting with many projects throughout the months to welcome them.

We’d love to remind developers that they can connect their dApp to the Pocket Network and receive up to 1M relays per day on any network for free, pre-staked for by us.

Pocket Network Partners With Rocket Pool

Pocket Network is excited to sponsor Smartnodes With Decentralized Infrastructure!

Rocket Pool is a next-gen ETH2 staking protocol that allows anyone to participate in ETH2 validation rewards without needing to own the full 32 ETH. Rocket Pool staking is powered by Smartnodes which connects to both a ETH2 Validator and an ETH1 client.

The Rocket Pool Smartnodes can now connect to a decentralized endpoint RPC powered by the Pocket Network.

Interested in learning more?

View the full announcement and instructions here.

Pocket Partners With IoTeX To Power The Internet of Trusted Things

IoTeX was founded in 2017 to make its vision of the Internet of Trusted Things, a decentralized ecosystem where machines and humans can interact with guaranteed security and trust.

IoTeX is now pioneering a new category of decentralized use cases where everyday people can earn digital assets based on their real world actions.

The need for reliable RPC infrastructure and node operators is paramount to bringing the trillion-dollar IoT industry to the Web3 decentralized universe. This is where Pocket Network comes in handy.

The Pocket nodes now support IoTeX with a decentralized RPC endpoint. Interested in connecting your dApp?

Visit: https://bit.ly/IoTeXpoktportal.

DAO Global Hackathon

Pocket Network is proud to be one of the co-organizers of the DAO Global Hackathon. The Hackathon started on October 25 and runs until December 13th, 2021.

There’s currently two open bounties you can participate in:

ETHOnline – Winners

This year, during ETHOnline, 16 projects used Pocket Network, an increase from 12 last year!

ETHOnline is a yearly event full of summits and workshops, and a Hackathon!

The winners can be found here in our announcement.

Take a look at all the great entries!

📈 Network Heartbeat 🩺

Throughout October, blockchain applications using the Pocket Gateway have driven a total of ~1.761B relays

So not only did the Pocket Network manage to drive more than 1B relays in a single month, we’re talking nearly doubling last month’s and rapidly closing in on the 2 BILLION relays in a single month!!!

It’s the biggest growth we’ve seen in a single month ever before, and we look forward to seeing whether next month can beat this.

At the time of writing this, there are 8,358  staked nodes in Pocket Network.

Refresh of Weekly Relay Recap #43

The below image shows the total number of successful relays per day, week and month throughout August, September, and October.

Note that October displays data from September 30th until October 27th, as per the data of our weekly relay recaps.

The Pocket Network is growing faster than ever! And, with that an increasing number of POKT rewards for our node operators.

The below pie chart perfectly displays the number of POKT minted this past week:

Most Relays in AUGUST:                40,728,936 (August 31st)

Most Relays in SEPTEMBER: 41,658,221 (September 3rd)

Most Relays in OCTOBER:      162,351,112 (October 31st)

🧰 Developer Updates

Pocket-tools v.0.2.0 is here!

Early this month, Pocket-tools v0.2.0 was released. A big thank you to Enrique for his hard work.

Pocket-tools is a collection of useful tools that can be used by anyone building on the Pocket Network.

Github at: https://github.com/pokt-foundation/pocket-tools.

Blockchain Whitelist Preparations

This month, the following blockchains were whitelisted:

  • Algorand Mainnet (0029)
  • Algorand Archival (000D)
  • Avalanche Fuji (000E)
  • Avalanche Archival is now whitelisted (00A3)
  • BSC Testnet (0011)
  • BSC Testnet Archival (0012)
  • Harmony Shard 0 (0040)
  • Polygon Mumbai (000F)
  • Polygon Mumbai Archival (00AF)
  • IoTex Mainnet (0044)
  • xDAI Archival

DO NOT add the RelayChainIDs to your pocket node stake until you have ensured your nodes are working correctly, otherwise your Pocket node will be slashed.

If you need any support, please join us on Discord in the #node-runner channel.

Let us know which blockchains you’d like us to support and why!

⚖️ Economic & Governance Updates

Monthly Community Call

The recap of the monthly community call is live and can be found here:

A range of topics was discussed, if there’s any topic you’d like to see discussed during the next community call, please contact @Jackal on Discord.

The agenda for this call was:

  • Dark Forest case study
  • Ledger status update
  • Pocket-tools
  • Storj node snapshot solution
  • Harmony intro & node/relay overview
  • wPOKT status update
  • Ferrum Multi-chain wPOKT bridge proposal

Governance Updates

PEP-11: Bridge to a Multi-chain POKT:

Passed ✅:
Full proposal here: https://forum.pokt.network/t/pep-11-bridge-to-a-multi-chain-pokt/1131

PEP-11 proposed to build a bridge in this vein, but in a more expansive manner with multiple chains that accurately reflects the current Multi-chain universe reality.

Pocket Network PEP-12: HarmonyOne Token Swap

PEP-12 was successfully voted for and is now approved.

The full proposal can be found here: https://forum.pokt.network/t/pep-12-harmony-one-token-swap/1151

PEP-12 proposed that ONE and POKT governance matters be debated on the Harmony and Pocket 3 forums and sent to both the Harmony DAO and Pocket DAO respectively for votes. The Foundation directors will be compelled to vote according to the will of the DAO with the PocketDAO-run validator which will be listed for open delegation for others here 1. The ONE and POKT tokens will be respectively held and locked by each organization for a minimum of 1 year.

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