Pocket Network officially supports the xDAI chain.

Pocket is thrilled to announce official support for the xDAI network, which anyone can now leverage through our Pocket Portal. Alongside our unstoppable infrastructure is of course our  full node incentivization to further increase the quality of xDAI’s infrastructure.

Before bringing this into production, we made sure that our developer-driven protocol could handle xDAI after rounds of Dark Forest and internal testing – which our network of 5000+ nodes passed with flying colors.

Since the start of the latest Dark Forest round alone, Pocket Network has processed tens of millions of relays for the network.

We’re confident in handling the responsibility of being part of xDAI’s bedrock for DApps like Dark Forest (even during peak surges), Sushi, Curve, and all the new projects emerging in the xDAI World.

Transactions At The Speed Of You

xDAI was designed to be an EVM compatible blockchain which featured fast transaction times (~5 seconds), low transaction fees (500tx for $0.01) and easy mental calculations as 1 xDAI = 1 $USD.

They also used a unique dual token model, where xDAI is used for payments, transfers, interactions, and STAKE is the staking and governance token used to protect the chain and vote on proposals.

Growth in xDAi isn’t limited to just the growing popularity of Dark Forest however.

Here are some other highlights worth mentioning.

  • 120+ projects are currently running on xDAI.
  • 1M+ Active Accounts in last 60 days.
  • 1.1M+ total fees paid (in xDAI) in the last 60 days.
  • 1.75M+ STAKE is staked across ETH and xDAI.
  • Release of “The useless MEV machine.”

Sources: xDAI Usage Dune Dashboard & xDAI weekly recap

As the network continues to grow, our hope is that we can help ensure that transaction times and fees remain just as fast and low even during times of high demand. As many DApp users know, it can feel like you’re having to refill your wallet or wait for one move to confirm during times of high traffic.

We hope to fix that, and allow users to play to their heart’s content. Whether it’s planning an ambush on a rival player that looks to be asleep, or scrambling last minute defenses to a surprise attack, arm yourselves with Pocket as the ultimate load-balanced weapon.

Even if you’re not a DF player, Pocket has a place for you. Whether you’re a developer who wants a resilient endpoint, an xDAI node runner who wants to be incentivized for their work, or a privacy-conscious xDAI end-user, tap into Pocket and see what we can do for you.

How can you get started with Pocket on xDAI?

  • Developers, signup for an endpoint at Pocket Portal and get 1M requests/day with our free tier. Watch the video tutorial here.
  • Node runners can spin up a xDAI | Pocket Node using Node Pilot to receive full node incentives.
  • End users, add a Pocket-powered xDAI endpoint to drive relays/rewards for node runners, and to enjoy industry-leading uptime while protecting your privacy. You can switch RPC endpoints with MetaMask today, and Nifty Wallet will be coming soon.  

About Pocket

Pocket Network is a two-way marketplace that matches blockchain application developers seeking unstoppable node infrastructure with RPC infrastructure providers and node runners who are incentivized via the POKT token to run full nodes through it’s decentralized protocol.

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About xDAI

The xDai chain is a stable payments EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) blockchain designed for fast and inexpensive transactions. The chain uses a unique dual-token model; xDai is a stable token used for transactions, payments, and fees, and STAKE is a governance token used to support the underlying POSDAO Proof-of-Stake consensus.

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