Pocket Network Rockets To $150M+ Revenue In Last 30 days Becoming the 2nd Chain by Protocol Revenue In The World After Ethereum

Pocket Network, incentivizes a global community of independent node operators and service providers to run 22,000+ full nodes as demand across its network measured in API calls (or relays) soars generating $150M+ revenue in the last 30 days. This record growth puts Pocket Network 2nd only to Ethereum, with a total market cap of $385B who generated $1.1Bn revenue in the same 30 day period as shown by on-chain metrics on Token Terminal.

Pocket Network is secured by $320M+ worth of network infrastructure distributed globally across 23 countries. The protocol reduces the risk of service downtime to near zero for any layer 1 blockchains or industry DApps using Pocket Network as work is distributed evenly across thousands of full nodes, which also protects end users’ privacy and significantly bolsters the multichain Web3 revolution that’s underway.

“We are growing rapidly in Europe and North America, which are currently staking the most, but we are extremely excited about the Asia market as more and more retail is starting to learn about Pocket,” said Michael O’Rourke, CEO of Pocket Network.