Towards True Interoperability: Pocket’s Support of OKC

OKC (formerly OEC) was reborn as a chain to boost Web3 applications and turn interoperability and scalability into reality. OKC is building an efficient, robust, and growth-aligned platform for the next generation of applications. In early 2022, Pocket Network started to support OKC in its quest towards its mission.

OKC: For the Next Generation of Web3 Applications

OKC is an EVM-compatible network built under the Cosmos ecosystem to enable cross-chain interoperability and power new applications with a variety of use cases.

OKC is focused on delivering a chain that can sustain the infrastructure needs of Web3 applications with scale, low cost, and security at the helm. Its IBC interoperability enables even more scale and performance for application developers, while its Delegated Proof Of Stake (DPoS) consensus allows for low-cost transactions designed for scale.

Those features have led OKC to register more than 132 million transactions in its ecosystem and more than 3 million holding addresses, with its token’s market capitalization approaching $500 million.

Boosting Decentralized Applications, from DEXes to Lending Protocols and Beyond

OKC is supporting decentralized applications in their quest to find superior security, cross-chain abilities, scale, and EVM compatibility.

According to DeFi Llama, OKC is supporting over $30 million in Total Value Locked across dozens of protocols. Some of the most popular dApps in the OKC ecosystem are:

  1. Decentralized exchanges, like OKCSwap, CherrySwap, and KSwap Finance;
  2. Yield-generating protocols, such as OakFarm and Autofarm;
  3. Lending solutions, like Flux Protocol, WePiggy, and Wing Finance.

Pocket is Supporting OKC to Turn Web3 Mainstream

In early 2022, Pocket started to support OKC in its mission to boost Web3 applications.

The infrastructure needs for chains and applications to build the new Internet are increasing. Projects building these applications shouldn’t be allocating time and effort to fulfilling these infrastructure needs on their own, but rather finding optimized solutions in the marketplace.

Pocket Network fills that infrastructure gap by offering a decentralized infrastructure of 23K+ node runners ready to facilitate data between dApps and the OKC chain. Pocket solves these infrastructure needs with simplicity, while significantly reducing DevOps costs.

OKC dApp developers can now build on the chain and access all the blockchain data they need to enable cross-chain abilities in their applications.

During December, we saw weekly relay requests for OKC surge by about 50% in the Pocket ecosystem, highlighting increased activity on the chain. OKC has also crossed 3 million daily RPC relays serviced by Pocket Network, setting the table for even more growth.

Building in Web3? Pocket is Your Solution for Decentralized Infrastructure

Pocket is the top solution for decentralized node infrastructure linking applications and blockchain data, with low latency, cost efficiency, maximum uptime, and security.

Pocket is effectively reducing infrastructure and DevOps costs for applications and blockchains, while making the process as easy as a few clicks to mint a Pocket Network endpoint and start having blockchain data relays serviced by Pocket.

Instead of relying upon unaligned service models, Pocket offers a solution more in line with true Web3 values. You can start with the Always Free tier in the Pocket Portal, enabling up to 250,000 daily RPC relays, a perfect solution to jumpstart your application. When you have needs beyond the Always Free tier, the “Pay As You Go” (PAYG) model solves the scale conundrum by enabling you to grow your application while having predictable costs correlated with your dApp’s actual amount of data relays.

Jump over to the Pocket Portal and link your dApp to an OKC endpoint, or any of the 35+ other blockchains supported by Pocket!