Pocket’s first-ever airdrop: Get your Lucky Red Envelope and earn $POKT

Pocket’s first-ever airdrop: Get your Lucky Red Envelope and earn $POKT

Pocket has launched an airdrop to celebrate its entrance in Asian markets, offering people a chance to win a Lucky Red Envelope with $POKT rewards inside. Discover how to enter the contest and become a $POKT holder as we enter the new Chinese New Year.

The Lucky Red Envelope tradition goes back centuries to stories of parents trying to keep their children safe on New Year’s Eve.

The tradition evolved to become a celebratory gesture as a sign of good luck, happiness, and prosperity. The color red is a meaningful aspect of the tradition, wishing good luck to the offer’s recipient.

The Lucky Red Envelope is usually given on Chinese New Year’s Eve but has expanded to various celebratory events (e.g., weddings, baby showers, graduation), as doing good is always the answer.

Pocket joins the Red Lucky Envelope tradition amid entering Asian markets

As we enter the New Chinese Year, Pocket is embracing this centuries-old tradition while strengthening operations in Asian markets as a gesture of our excitement in this recent move.

Pocket recently raised a strategic round from leading Web 3 and crypto investors, propelling its growth worldwide, focusing on decentralized applications, and helping node operators across Asian countries.

The $10M strategic private sale was led by Republic Capital, RockTree Capital, Arrington Capital, and C² Ventures, and companies like CoinShares to accelerate the outstanding growth Pocket registered in 2021.

According to data from Token Terminal, Pocket is already powering more than $56 million in network revenues, setting itself as a top 5 decentralized application in the space that serves popular blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Fuse, Arbitrum, or Harmony.

To celebrate the New Year and these exciting news, Pocket has launched its first-ever airdrop to offer crypto enthusiasts the chance to become $POKT holders and start interacting with our ecosystem.

Your chance to win $POKT: Our native token supporting crypto’s multi-chain future

$POKT is the native token from the Pocket Network, which functions as the incentive and payout basis of the entire ecosystem. To start working with Pocket, both app developers and node operators need to interact with $POKT.

When app developers want to access blockchain data through the Pocket Network, they have to buy and stake $POKT in an initial stage as an upfront cost. Through our decentralized infrastructure, the costs (in $POKT) to access RPC endpoints gradually decreases, becoming the most cost-effective solution in the market.

In another direction, node runners are compensated for their network power with $POKT. Revenues from the network also go to the Pocket DAO, which ensures the sustainability of the project, its governance, tokenomics, and more.

As Pocket grows and onboards more blockchains to ensure the multi-chain future of crypto, more people will become holders of $POKT, while its use-cases will diversify.

Now, you have the chance to be an early $POKT holder.

What can you win with the Lucky Red Envelope contest?

The “Grand Winner” of this airdrop will receive 8,888 $POKT, valued at over $15K, at current $POKT prices.

There are more winners in this airdrop:

  • 1 winner will receive 1,888 $POKT
  • 1 winner will receive 888 $POKT
  • 23 winners will receive 188 $POKT
  • 75 winners will receive 8 $POKT

Grab your chance to be one of the 100 people who will become holders of $POKT and apply until January 24th, 2022.

Are you ready to join? Follow these steps to become eligible for the contest

Entering the Pocket Lucky Red Envelope contest is easy! Please follow the three steps listed below and wait for your Red Envelope to arrive if you’re one of the lucky winners:

  1. Log into Twitter and Follow @POKTnetwork
  2. Retweet with a Quote and the #redPOKT hashtag
  3. Include your $POKT wallet address*

*Please ensure you safely store a copy of both your passphrase and private key as well as download the associated JSON file in order to access your self-custodial wallet. If you lose these, you lose access to your wallet, and there’s absolutely no way to help out with that.

Applications for the contest are open until January 24th, 2022. On January 28th, we’ll discover the lucky winners of the contest, with the official announcement coming on our Twitter channel.