Weekly Relay Recap #31 ️

Over the last week between 07/01 to 07/07, the Pocket Network protocol has successfully relayed over 19.6M application requests and settled at 4,163 nodes.

Weekly Relay Recap

06/10 to 06/16: 33,995,194

06/17 to 06/23: 29,402,774

06/24 to 06/30: 22,457,892

07/01 to 07/07: 19,659,685

For the week of 07/01 to 07/07, the average successful relays per day were ~2.80M. The highest number of daily relays was on July 7th, with over 4.14M relays.

Pocket Network Stats 07/01 to 07/07‌‌

This past week, 19.6M successful relays were processed. Nodes minted  ~196K POKT during this timeframe, with ~174.97k POKT going to the service nodes, ~19.6k POKT going to the Pocket DAO, and ~1.96k POKT going to block producers.

Total Successful Relays from 06/10 to 07/07: 105,515,545

AVG Successful Relays Per Day  06/10 to 07/07: 3,768,412

AVG Successful Relays Per Week 06/10 to 07/07: 26,378,886

Over the last four weeks, applications using the Pocket Gateway drove a total of 105.5M successful requests 📡

In this timeframe, nodes have minted a bit over ~1.05M POKT, with 89% going to the service nodes (~939K POKT), 10% going to the Pocket DAO ( ~105.5K POKT), and 1% going to the block producers (~10.5K POKT).

Total Staked Nodes
4,163 (-1,066)

Analysis by Marco 👋 | @TMod_Marco

Last week was a very interesting week. Later in this recap, you’ll read all about our development updates, in which you can learn more about the recent chain halt, how we got past it, and what has been done to improve moving forward.

These events explain why the total number of relays were down last week, and why the number of total active validator nodes is down as well. If you look at the average daily relays graph, you can see that we are now back in our normal / healthy range of daily relays.

With Settlers of New Chains now live, the multi-chain future is here and I’m incredibly excited to see what growth this is going to bring us from here.

As a reminder, you can directly help us to achieve more growth by driving relays to the protocol and $POKT revenue to node runners. You can do so simply by adding a Pocket-powered Ethereum RPC endpoint within your MetaMask wallet. Here’s how: https://docs.pokt.network/home/paths/shepherd/conscious-dappitalism/metamask


An update on RC- – RC-
Earlier in the relay recap this was briefly mentioned. On July 1st, it was planned to restart the chain after it halted with the patch of RC- Close to the update, a bug was discovered that would trigger once the chain would resume

It was therefore chosen to keep the chain halted, until the bug was hot-fixed in patch RC-, scheduled to be released on July 2nd. Fortunately, before releasing the patch, the team discovered a bug in the RC- patch that showed it seems to fail when selecting a proposer in the recovery voting round. It was therefore chosen to bump the recovery patch to RC-

After successfully having nodes deploy the RC- patch on July 2nd, the team started analyzing and discovered 2 issues:

  • Nodes were not able to submit valid claims to the network
  • Node corruption issues (appHash error)

Here is the full post-mortem post reflecting on the matter.

With the help of several Node Runners, a fix was tested overnight on July 2nd, enabling the team to release RC- the following day on July 3rd.

If you haven’t already upgraded, then please read the above mentioned Discord post on how to upgrade your node, and how to recover your node from the provided backup.

An update for Docker Users
On July 4th, Jack shared an important update for all Docker users on Discord.

Due to an error in the deployment process of our docker image, which caused an issue with the version deployed, all node runners who are running ‘poktnetworkRC-’ should stop/delete your container and re-pull the image.

For instructions on how to do so, please read the Discord post.


Settlers of New Chains is now live!
That’s right, a long awaited moment is here and POKT Network went multi-chain!

Settlers of New Chains offers a new method of bootstrapping chains by providing a minimum baseline of relays (i.e. revenue) on each new RelayChainID. It will attract enough nodes to provide quality service to web3 applications and services. The “Settlers” (i.e. applications) that provide the initial relays are designed, built, and staked by the Pocket Network Foundation.

The SupportedBlockchains parameter transaction was submitted by the Pocket Network Foundation on behalf of the DAO, which has 6X’d the available networks that nodes can earn POKT from. Here are the blockchains and their RelayChainIDs*:

  • Avalanche Mainnet (0003)
  • BSC (0004)
  • BSC Archival (0010)
  • Fuse (0005)
  • Ethereum Archival (0022)
  • Ethereum Archival Tracing (0028) – an archival node with “trace_” API functions, either OpenEthereum with archival pruning or Erigon
  • Ethereum Ropsten (0023)
  • Ethereum Kovan (0024)
  • Ethereum Rinkeby (0025)
  • Ethereum Goerli (0026)
  • POA xDAI (0027)

If you are a Node who wants to start earning revenue from any of these chains, head to the #node-runner Discord channel for help getting started. Do not stake your Pocket node for the RelayChain until you have deployed and connected the RelayChain node, otherwise you will cause your Pocket node to be slashed.

*All of the chains above except Ethereum Archival (0022) will be seeded with this minimum baseline of relays. This will continue until we onboard enough applications to achieve the relay count organically, or after 3 months, whichever comes sooner.

Pocket gifts a public xDAI RPC Endpoint to the Dark Forest Community
On July 4th, Alberto shared the exciting news! With Pocket going multi-chain and supporting POA xDAI, Dark Forest became the first DApp to use a Pocket xDAI RPC Endpoint that grants up to 10,000,000 requests a day!


We’re excited to share that we’ll be attending an EthCC side-event with Skillz to talk about the future of Web3 infrastructure! The event is in Paris, and will be live-streamed. We’ll be sure to share the link once available.

For those that are in or around Paris for ETH CC on July 22nd, we would love to see you there! Please sign up for the event here as soon as possible. The event will start at 7:00PM CEST and finish at 9:00PM CEST with pizzas!

What can you do to drive relays and add nodes to the network?

App Side of the Marketplace
If you care about privacy and decentralization, replace the default network provider in your MetaMask wallet with actual decentralized node infrastructure by adding a Pocket-powered Ethereum mainnet endpoint through the custom rpc settings!

Try out any of these other apps listed in the Conscious Dappitalism page within our new docs . You can also earn a skill-role in our Discord community server for dogfooding any of those applications by completing a quest within the POKT arcade.

If your application or service is interested in becoming a launch partner for the wPOKT farming program, register here!

Node Side of the Marketplace

Don’t know how to run a node? Check out the Node Runner docs above to learn how.

If you run into any issues,  a community of node runners (and our support team) would be happy to help. If you’d prefer to not run a node yourself, check out the forum for a list of node providers offering their services to people interested in participating in the ecosystem.

How to purchase POKT to stake?

When you are ready to take the step forward in supporting decentralized node infrastructure and earning Pocket’s native cryptocurrency for serving apps then visit any of these community-established OTCs:

SubZero OTC

Thunderhead OTC

They are the best way to buy or sell POKT; and it helps nodes cover the cost of their infrastructure. Join either private telegram channels (requires telegram) and message the admin to get started. Note that there are fees associated with the OTCs to help cover their costs and that neither Pocket Network, Inc., the Pocket DAO, nor the Pocket Foundation receives any of these fees nor any proceeds from the sale of POKT through the OTCs.