What to Expect from Testnet Phase One

Minimum Viable Pocket (MVP) has been a major success!

We launched MVP in April 2019 with three premium node providers, two blockchains (Ethereum and Open Application Network), and one application. Over the following handful of months, we onboarded and partnered with many crypto-products like Portis, Nifty, and Terminal running their production-level applications on our decentralized blockchain relay network. Since then, we’ve grown to over 3.5 million API requests a day and supported many more blockchain protocols.

As we come close to launching Testnet on 02/11/2020, we would like to keep our developers, node operators, and fellow decentralists up to date with the latest information and news regarding our SDKs, node deployments, supported blockchain networks, and more.

Unlike our MVP launch where we have launched our plugins, node deployment artifacts, and integrations all at once. We have decided to launch Testnet in phases in order to battle harden key components progressively.

What will be included in this launch?

Phase one launch will come with:

  1. Pocket Core Daemon: An application that runs the Pocket Network, and its components, as well as enforcing the rules of the native Pocket protocol.
  2. Pocket CLI: An interactive interface that allows anyone to create a wallet, stake POKT tokens, set up a node, and more!
  3. Pocket-JS: The JavaScript and TypeScript core Library that will make it easy to connect your application to any blockchain network thru the Pocket Network
  4. Pocket-web3-provider: A Web3 provider, you can just drop-in into your Web3 JS projects and have your app connect to the Pocket Network.
  5. Pocket Node Deployments: Deployment artifacts(Docker and Docker-Compose) that will help node operators quickly and easily set up and configure their pocket node to their hosted blockchain. In addition, it will come preconfigured with over 9 different blockchains.
  6. Pocket Faucet for test tokens: A faucet that will allow node operators and developers a way to test out the Pocket ecosystem and tools before they stake real POKT tokens and connect them to their desired blockchains.

We’ll reflect these features in the next rollout of the Pocket Developer Portal on February 11th, right alongside the launch of Testnet Phase One.

In the meantime, you can learn more about staking within the Pocket Network. For developers, read Pricing Throughput for Applications. For node operators, check out Monetizing Full Nodes with POKT Rewards.

If you are looking for developer or node support, join our community on Discord. To stay up to date with the latest releases and news, follow us on Twitter and bookmark our blog.